The cricket President’s Trophy

Pakistan is a country where some amazing cricket is played. At the website you will always be able to discover fantastic wagers on great tournaments played in that country. Between the years 1960 and 2019, there was a great competition called the President’s trophy.

It had this interesting aspect that the teams, instead of representing regions or cricket clubs, were parts of other entities that existed in Pakistan at the moment, such as:

government institutions;
commercial organizations;
and even educational institutions.

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History of the tournament

The first edition of the competition was played in 1960. Back then, it received the name of Ayub Trophy. It was named after the President of Pakistan at the time, who was Ayub Khan. Go and 1x download betting app, which you can use to wager on everything that Pakistani cricket has to offer too.

10 years later, in 1970, the tournament was renamed to the BCCP Trophy. Then, in 1972, the competition was renamed one more time, this time to BCCP Patron’s Trophy. The reason for this new name was because of the fact that the main teams that participated represented entities like the ones mentioned before. Don’t forget to download the 1x Bet betting app and use it to wager on other fantastic Pakistani cricket competitions too.

By contrast, the Quaid-i-Azam trophy was also being played at the same time, whose teams represented geographical regions of Pakistan.

How did the competition work

It is also interesting to discuss how the President’s Trophy worked. An easy bet cricket on can be made today on other amazing competitions from Pakistan and other countries too.

During most of its existence, the tournament featured 8 teams. As it happens with other cricket competitions, the 8 of them began playing a round-robin stage. In other words, this phase was basically everybody against everybody. Once all possible matches had been played, it was time to proceed into a knockout stage, where the best of the previous phase qualified. You can make an easy cricket bet on 1xBet, where amazing Pakistani teams are also featured with fantastic wagers.

From there, matches would proceed until eventually reaching the final, where the champion would be decided. Overall, the most winning team was Karachi with 11 titles. The last champion of the President’s Trophy, back in its 2018-19 season was State Bank of Pakistan.

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