91 Club App Download & Step-by-Step Guide to Registering on the 91 Club App

Looking to make some extra money in your free time? 91 Club is an interesting new app that allows you to play games, take quizzes and be rewarded with cash prizes. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? But before you can embark on your rewarding entertainment journey with 91 Club, the first step lies in downloading the app and registering yourself accurately.

This article provides a step-by-step guide to help you sign up seamlessly on 91 Club app without any hiccups. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Download the 91 Club App

You can find the 91 Club gaming app on both Google Play store for Android phones and Apple App Store for iPhones. Search for “91Club app” and look for the orange app icon to identify the legitimate application published by Galilei Software Pvt Ltd.

Download and install the latest version of 91 Club app from the official link only to avoid fake apps. The app is safe for your phone as it does not require unnecessary permissions.

Step 2: Choose your Preferred Language

Once installed, launch the 91Club.in app. It will display a welcome screen requesting you to choose your preferred language. There are 12 Indian language options you can pick from including English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, and others.

Select your preferred language in which you wish to use the 91Clubin.in app for the best user experience. Tap on the “Next” button after selecting your choice language.

Step 3: Allow Required App Permissions

To function smoothly, 91 Club will need access to some basic information from your smartphone. The next startup screen asks permission to access your mobile media, photos, and location.

Review the permissions carefully and tap “Allow” for all three options. This grants the required access. Without enabling permissions, you may face issues in registering or playing games.

Step 4: Choose Registration Method

The 91 Club APK offers you three methods to register and create an account. Analyze the pros and cons of each carefully:

Via Phone Number: Simplest method offering smooth app integration
Via Email ID: Convenient if you don’t remember phone numbers
Via Social Accounts: Quick registering using existing FB/Gmail accounts

Select your preferred mode. We recommend using your phone number for easy withdrawals later.

Step 5: Enter Required Information

Depending on the registration mode chosen, you need to enter relevant sign up details:

Phone number – Enter your active 10 digit mobile number
Email ID – Provide your frequently used email address
Social Media – Tap to authenticate via your Facebook/Gmail logins

Enter information accurately at this stage itself to avoid future hassles.

Step 6: Set Account Password

After entering the necessary sign-up details, 91 Club will ask you to set a password for your account login and security purposes.

Create a strong password between 6-15 characters combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Avoid using repetitive or guessable passcodes. Memorize this password for seamless future 91 Club app logins.

Step 7: Verify OTP

Once you create the account with a secure password, 91 Club sends a 6-digit OTP to verify your identity before proceeding. Retrieve the OTP received via SMS or email based on your registration mode selected. Enter the OTP correctly in the app interface verification prompt.

Verify within the validity timeframe for the OTP code to register successfully. This completes initial account creation!

Step 8: Set Up Your Profile

Post account creation, your 91 Club profile setup remains. Upload a profile picture, add display name, and fill details like complete address, bank information etc. to earn joining bonuses. Ensure you set up the Know Your Customer (KYC) sections accurately, especially bank & PAN details. This eases withdrawal of your cash earnings later.

That’s it! Your 91 Club app registration formalities are complete. You can now discover games, take quizzes, and win real cash rewards. Refer friends to maximize profits. We hope this beginner’s guide helps you easily register on the 91 Club app within minutes. If you face any issues in app setup, reach out to customer care. Start having fun and keep winning!

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