English Premier League standings – rankings and predictions

English Championship, Premier League – table

For a long time the best soccer league in the world is tacitly (and for some officially) considered the APL – the elite division of England. The teams of this championship are on everyone’s lips, the matches of the Premier League gather multimillion TV audiences, the fans of the teams are also counted in disproportionate numbers all over the world. In this article, we will talk about how the 2023/2024 season is going in the English Premier League. We will tell you how the appl standings look like on the football gambling sites, as well as give a prediction on the outcome of the tournament.

The second half of the table

Let’s start with the teams that are more likely to spend the season fighting for survival – the mid-table sides and the outsiders. By the end of the first round, we had a pretty clear picture of which teams ended up in the second ten by mistake, and which ones – quite naturally. The overall list of positions 11 to 20 at the beginning of December looks as follows:

“Crystal Palace;
“Nottingham Forest;
“Luton Town;
“Sheffield United;

If we talk about the composition of this top ten, it can hardly surprise anyone. Of course, we can argue about whether Brentford will remain in it at the end of the championship, but looking at the first half, there is a feeling that the team has a place in the second ten. At the moment in the active struggle for survival is 4 teams – all three “newcomers” in the face of “Luton Town”, “Sheffield United” and “Burnley”, as well as joined them Everton. In general, the Liverpool club was supposed to be located on the 15th position, but not so long ago the English Football Federation removed 10 points from the team. And now the fight will be much more fun.

Struggle for European cups

Here we decided to break down the top ten into fives – due to the gap between the top 5 and the rest of the teams. All the clubs from 6th to 10th place will be fighting for the European Cup zone. And the list of these teams looks like this:

“Manchester United;
“West Ham;

It is known that there are 7 teams from England in European cups. Accordingly, if we do not take into account the victories in the national cups, then three teams from the top ten will not be able to get into the so-called “Eurofootball”. Brighton and West Ham have the best chances here. “Chelsea”, which recently hung closer to the relegation zone, made a good breakthrough and by the end of the first round can quietly strengthen in the top 7. “Newcastle” in case of departure from the European Cup will be able to focus on the domestic championship. But the situation with Manchester United is extremely unclear. It looks like they are 6 points away from the lead, but they are absolutely inexplicable – both in the APL and in the Champions League. The whole top five does not look stable, so it will also be very curious to follow them.

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